Nikita Ovcinnikovs

EMIA Marketing Intern

Tell us about your experience at Intergraph Benelux B.V.

My experience at Intergraph has been nothing but exciting. One of the first things that you experience is being treated as a true member of the EMIA (Europe, Middle East, India and Africa) marketing team. You are trusted with full responsibilities, from handling several marketing campaigns, to preparing for events, to designing new advertisements and so on.  But you also get to enjoy networking within your team as well as colleagues located in other parts of the world and clients that are truly valuable to the company.  The experience at Intergraph is widely international. 

What is important is that you get full training of the tools you will be required to use so you can fully integrate with the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, web and design interfaces.  But what is also great is that management tries to tie your interests and experience with the tools you will use, so if you are into design, you may get more design tasks.  I have personally been involved in major web design / management projects and events that we have had in the Netherlands and in other countries, which gave me more knowledge, expertise, experience of event handling and understanding of cultural differences.

I am having a great time with Intergraph, it is a challenging environment, with a busy workload and responsibilities, but if you are ready for this unique experience outside of your country, and you are on a Management course, you should definitely consider it.  Intergraph has helped me to experience B2B marketing, and make my choice of my future career.

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