Mary Rose

Management Trainee

  • Retailing, Marketing and Management
  • Loughborough University
  • Placement Year (10 Months+)
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Who do you work for, what is your job title and what does this involve?

I am currently on my placement year working for Enterprise Rent A Car as a Management Trainee in the Burton on Trent Branch. This involves everything from cleaning cars to opening/managing corporate accounts! Day to day working at Enterprise is very varied and therefore makes it very interesting. A main aspect is sales, which I absolutely love and we are encouraged to take ownership of this. One of our brand values is “customer service is our way of life” so this is at the core of the business. Therefore, serving customers, dealing with complaints quickly and providing excellent customer services makes you stand out as an employee, as well as being very enjoyable. Marketing is also an area which I love, especially because of my degree. From day one we are given accounts to manage of which we need to visit and participate in lots of marketing! Despite only being here for a year, interns are given lots of responsibility and treated exactly the same as graduates. The company also are great at rewarding hard work and encouraging career development.

How did your experience in Enactus help you get to where you are, and how does it still help?

Enactus taught me many skills which are essential in day to day working life, such as team work, accounting, managing people and interaction with other businesses. Being part of such an amazing society gave me the confidence to approach others, such as awkward customers and directors of large businesses. These are not temporary skills but skills that help every day at work and therefore I am forever grateful for Enactus. I’m extremely lucky to still be part of Enactus by working for Enterprise Rent A Car.

Since graduating, how have you continued to be involved with Enactus or continued to benefit from being in the Enactus UK Alumni?

I have not yet graduated. However, being a Business Advisor to the Loughborough Team helps be continue to be involved in Enactus.

What did you do in your time in Enactus?

In my first year at university I was part of the Marketing team and in my second year I was Vice-President which was amazing. I worked very closely with the President and organised events, held meetings, went to training all over the country, took part in competitions, presented, raised sponsorship etc etc etc! Enactus took over my second year and it was completely worthwhile! I made amazing friends, became closer with University staff (handy when you need help with essays!) and learnt lifelong skills.

What was your proudest moment in Enactus?

The proudest moment for me probably was Loughborough being voted top 3 most improved teams in the Summer Action Award 2013. That Summer the President and I worked extremely hard developing new projects from scratch, which was rewarded. I took charge of this award- (making sure the hundreds of tasks were performed and documented) and therefore it was amazing. Another proud moment was handing over to the new committee and selecting the candidates. It was great to see freshers develop into our new management team with the training we provided.

What advice would you give to an Enactus student?

Make sure you do something to make yourself stand out and get involved in as much as possible, especially the big National Competition!

Anything you would like to add; expert advice, wise words or a final opinion?

Enactus is something you should DEFINITELY get involved in. It helped me massively secure a placement quickly and has helped my CV.

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