Mark Gosling

Junior Software Developer

What is it like to work at Lighthouse Systems?

Hi, I am Mark Gosling and I am a year 2 student studying Computer Science (Games). I am currently on placement with Lighthouse Systems as a junior software developer. I arrive at work before 9am and start the day by helping myself to the free selection of drinks and food on offer (tip: budget for bigger clothes)!

We have a meeting each morning where we discuss our work and help each other out. There is no ‘typical’ day in the office; each day brings interesting new challenges and things to learn. Our work mostly involves working with SQL, databases, C# and software testing, but does also involve working with other technologies as required. Everyone is friendly and help is always available.

We are a social bunch and enjoy many out-of-work activities including going to the pub, bowling, meals out and much more. Lighthouse is in close proximity to Brighton and London, so you should never get bored if need to relocate. In short, working here has been a fantastic experience and one that I would highly recommend.

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