Lucy Grainger


  • Information Technology with Management
  • Reading, University of
  • Placement Year (10 Months+)
  • PwC

How have you enjoyed your internship and what was your favourite aspect?

I’ve really enjoyed my work placement with PwC and I’m very glad that I chose the firm over my other options. It’s great to be put in a year group with other new joiners and be able to go through the whole process together. My favourite aspect of the job has been the variety of work. Almost every week is different from the last, from a new client or location to a different area of the audit. I felt that the role was constantly changing and I was able to make it my own to allow me to work on my areas of weakness.

How much responsibility are you given?

You’re given a lot of responsibility straight away but don’t worry as this is after some very thorough training. I was given full responsibility of particular areas of the audit but there was always someone on each job who was there to help with anything I wasn’t sure about.


To what extent will the skills you developed assist in your degree studies and beyond?

Having the opportunity to start the ACA qualification and therefore get ahead in my career has been particularly helpful to me, especially as I intend to come back to PwC after I finish my University degree. It is a tough qualification but it has been great to do it with a support network of people in the same situation.

In addition to the qualification, I’ve also learnt a lot of employability skills, such as teamwork and organisational skills which will help me in the final year of my degree and in my future career.

How did you come across your placement, and how did you find the application experience?

I already had some knowledge of PwC before looking into placements as I knew several people who worked here. However I actually found out about the opportunity from a placement and careers event at my University. The application process was relatively quick and straightforward compared to some others that I applied to but there was one question that involved a lot of research and careful planning in order to answer in appropriately.

The on-boarding process was excellent and had all been carefully planned to ensure that we were introduced to the firm, our year group and the office we were working in. In total there were two weeks of training and introductions which provided all the key information that we needed for the role.

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