Louis Fitzsimmons

Customer Relations/Marketing Executive

  • Business Studies
  • Portsmouth, University of
  • Placement Year (10 Months+)
  • Tech Angels

Tell us about your placement with Tech Angels

My year’s placement at Tech Angels has turned out to be the most valuable, enjoyable and exciting experience I could have hoped for. The company provides a unique opportunity for someone who is driven, skilled and enthusiastic to prove themselves.

Despite having little previous practical experience I was given a huge level of responsibility and scope to work on projects of my own devising, so long as I could prove their worth! At the beginning of the year I was set three revenue targets, with appropriate bonuses, and was tasked with finding and proving a new route to market. Although I still had to maintain a number of day to day activities (answering phones, writing job sheets, etc), I was encouraged to work on these targets and was provided all the advice, consultation and funding needed to ensure their success.

This placement is a unique opportunity for a unique person. You get out of this placement what you put in, so if you are seriously considering a career in business and are desperate for the chance to get hands on and prove yourself then this is for you.

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