Recruitment Placement Student

  • Politics and International Relations
  • Bath, University of
  • Placement Year (10 Months+)
  • Hays

First steps to the top: my journey from intern to consultant

When I was approached in 2015 by a friend who was at the time working for Hays Financial Markets as an intern, I had no idea it would lead to my future career.

My friend knew I was looking for an internship at the time and felt that it was something I would be good at. He gave me a really positive view of the internship at Hays and was present at a careers open day along with a number of other interns. It was nice to hear directly from someone who was on the intern programme already, as I had looked at similar roles at a few large multinational businesses, but they didn’t seem to offer the autonomy I was seeking.

I read some online reviews and researched the Hays website which were both really helpful, and this combined with the enthusiasm of the interns convinced me to apply – successfully, I’m happy to say.

My internship

My year long internship was a real leap out of my comfort zone. One moment I was at Uni in Bath, and the next I was in a large, well organised multinational business in the heart of London. It was exhilarating as it was challenging, but the people there made it a great place to be.

My manager started me off on finding the right people for the right jobs and helping them prepare for any interviews, but before long I was given more responsibility. By the end of my internship, I was talking to businesses, assessing needs and filling jobs, all the while being tutored, supported and encouraged by my team.

One of my most memorable moments during the internship was shortly after I’d started working with employers, it was the first time I secured a role exclusively and helped fill it with the perfect professional, it was exhilarating. It was also the first time that I felt had the skills to thrive.

Back to uni

When I went back to university for my final year studying politics and international relations, I found I’d taken more away from Hays than I expected. The experience of working in a results focussed environment had improved my confidence and time management, helping me to get the most out of my degree.

Throughout my final year I kept in touch with my colleagues and my manager followed my progress, letting me know that I’d be welcomed back to Hays if I wanted. This extra support was fantastic, and when I graduated, I was eager to get back to my team in London.

The start of my career

Throughout my internship, it was made clear to me that the sky was the limit for someone who was willing to work for it. I joined with a number of other graduates and did the standard training made available to all new starters, before re-joining my old team at my own desk with new responsibilities.

There were challenges, mostly around reconnecting with old contacts, getting back up to speed with some of the regulatory changes in financial markets and becoming familiar with my new responsibilities. There was a period where my mind-set had to change to be more strategic and long-term focussed than I needed to be on my internship, but my colleagues and managers helped support me at all times.

A few months after returning as a fully-fledged recruitment consultant, I made my first fees finding two Risk Analysts new jobs at a large organisation. It was a bit of a departure from what I was used to but it was a moment of real accomplishment, and it confirmed to me that I’d made the right decision. Today I’m looking forward to the unlimited potential a career at Hays brings, and can’t wait to take the next step.

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