Lauren Pirie

Sports Events Logistics Internship

  • Biomedical Science, International Business and Marketing
  • Dundee, University of
  • Internship (1-4 Months)
  • Cancer Research UK

What made you apply to Cancer Research UK?

I wanted to get involved in the Cancer Research UK (CRUK) internship scheme primarily because of the cause; it is the only charity that invests in research to cure all 200 cancers. I did some research into the internship via, and the reviews reassured me that it was a great opportunity professionally and socially. What stood out was the impression that CRUK give their interns actual responsibility, and I certainly found this to be true.

“CRUK definitely offered me an inspiring professional environment in which to gain skills and develop knowledge”

What did you enjoy most about you placement/internship?

As groups of interns join CRUK at the same time in set “intakes”, the experience lends itself to being very social. I was able to share ideas and experiences with the other 47 spring interns, and also some good nights out! As all staff know about the interns, there are lots of extra opportunities given to us, meaning that the breadth of experiences I had reached far beyond the project in my team.

How has this placement/internship affected your career prospects?

As the current job market is extremely competitive amongst graduates, it is very important to have experience you can transfer into future roles, to make your CV stand out. CRUK definitely offered me an inspiring professional environment in which to gain skills and develop knowledge, and the CV and interview skills workshop which all interns attend, helped me capture my learnings in an appealing way to future employers. I am now employed, so it must have done some good!

Sports Events Logistics Internship

Describe a normal day in the office.

Interning within the Sports Team, I spent time recruiting volunteers for our third party sporting events, sourcing freebie products to give out to participants, and drawing up event-day logistics plans. I was responsible for CRUK’s presence at three mass participation events, and therefore liaised with internal and external stakeholders on a daily basis. After weeks of preparation, the team and I would attend the events and see our inspirational participants run or cycle, to raise funds to beat cancer!

What is your funniest memory of your time at Cancer Research UK?

With the Cancer Research UK rebrand, the Sports Team have created a new mascot to take part in nationwide sporting events where participants are being sponsored to raise money for CRUK. My funniest moment has to be when I donned the giant trainer mascot costume and ventured to the staff cafe, in the spirit of encouraging staff members to volunteer at our events. Not your typical intern task, but one which made me and all the other staff laugh!

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