Freddie Herman

Sales & Marketing Intern

What made you apply to Fidelity?

I was interested in a career in financial services and asset management was no exception. After looking into this sector I decided to apply for Fidelity. Besides its significant weight in the world of asset management there were other less quantifiable factors which convinced me to apply. It being private for example, gives it far more room for manoeuvre. Fidelity also enjoys a good reputation, emerging unscathed from the financial scandals disseminated in the media since 2007/8.

Describe a normal day in the office.

A normal day in the office would typically include conducting research to find justifications for a fund’s investment into a particular sector/asset class; helping with the marketing material for these funds (Fund Fact Sheets, etc.); maintaining and improving Fidelity’s social media channels; and assisting in the organisation of an investor summit Fidelity was hosting. My days were therefore largely varied as I, for example, focused on different funds, or helped with different elements of the summit project.

How did Fidelity prepare you for your placement/internship?

Before starting we had an intern/grad introduction day where we went on a treasure hunt (amongst other things). It was a great way of meeting the other interns before beginning our internships. Once we began, we were given general and then division-specific training where we learned about the structure of the financial markets, Fidelity’s place within them and about some financial securities we were likely to come across whilst working there.

Would you want to return to work full-time at Fidelity and if so, why?

Yes I would. Besides finding the work enjoyable, the people are very friendly, talented and helpful and I have made some good friends amongst some of the interns. The seriousness with which Fidelity takes its reputation was also apparent and its strong ethical code was observable whilst working there. The advantages of it being a private firm, independent of a larger financial entity (e.g. an investment bank) were also made plain: employees are valued rather than having to impress shareholders.

What was the application process like?

After completing the online application form and numerical test I was invited to have a telephone interview. I then had an assessment centre which, on reflection, was enjoyable. Firstly, we had a group exercise, followed by a 15 minute presentation we had prepared in advance. We then proceeded to have another round of interviews and finished the day by being given 20 minutes to prepare a short pitch about a product. I learned I was successful a few days later.

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