Daniel Cook

Law Vacation Scheme

What made you apply to Mayer Brown?

Mayer Brown initially appealed to me for several reasons. I was drawn towards the excellent reputation of the firm, the opportunity to work with exciting clients and the global scope of the firm. The fact that Mayer Brown is a full-service firm was important to me, as I was unsure of which area of commercial law I could see myself working in.

During the scheme I was given the opportunity to talk to solicitors in each of the various practice areas, allowing me to gain a better insight into the sort of work an individual could expect in their respective group.

What did you do on a daily basis?

In my second week I sat in Banking & Finance, and I was involved in a deal that encompassed seventeen jurisdictions. My work included looking through the draft agreements, pointing out anything else that was required, and compiling folders containing various relevant documents.

What impressed me the most were the organisational and communication skills exhibited by the solicitors that were clearly integral to the success of the deal.

“The scheme was exceptionally insightful and enjoyable, and I found myself immersed in some very interesting work whilst in the office”

How well organised was the vacation scheme?

The scheme was exceptionally insightful and enjoyable, and I found myself immersed in some very interesting work whilst in the office. My first week was spent in the Construction and Engineering group, and work included researching property trends in the Middle East and drafting letters.

What were the highlights of your internship?

Aside from the work there were also various social activities we all took part in. The notable highlight was a day trip to Paris, which involved visiting the Mayer Brown Paris office and spending the afternoon taking in the sights. Other social events included a charity football tournament and bowling with the trainees. This provided a fantastic opportunity to get to know the people at the firm, and also gave me a chance to speak to trainees about how they found working at Mayer Brown.

Law Vacation Scheme

What did you learn on your vacation scheme?

The experience at Mayer Brown stood out for me over other work experience I have had largely because of the balance between work and social activities. This allowed me to learn about what working life would be like whilst also demonstrating that the employees at Mayer Brown are both interesting and enjoyable people to be around, something which I believe is critical in selecting the right working environment.

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