Alex Tate

Team Manager - Operations Management Industrial Placement Scheme

  • Mathematics
  • Liverpool Hope University
  • Placement Year (10 Months+)
  • Gist Ltd

Describe what your role looks like on a daily basis

In my daily role, I work as a team manager at the Hemel Foods depot within the Warehouse team. I run the operation alongside other team managers varying in experience. Each day I have to build a plan with operational goals and then proceed to manage the operatives in order to deliver this result. Day to day I have to do staff briefings, a management meeting in which we discuss our plans and also manage a team of up to 50-60 workers.

What has been your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge at Gist has been taking ownership and responsibility for my team and their efforts. I have found that during my placement that there are always opportunities to take and you are given enough responsibility to be making your own decisions that will impact your sites performance. I have become confident in doing so and I have really enjoyed the challenge in which has helped me to develop my skills.

How much responsibility do you have?

I have had the opportunity to work by myself on the back end of weekend shifts where I have been the only management present on site. This means I have the full responsibility for the operation and the staff on site at this time.

Any advice for future students?

My advice would be to embrace the role as much as possible and working outside your comfort zone. Coming in to a management role at a young age can seem difficult especially when working with an experienced team, but I have personally found that by trying to work outside my comfort zone and have challenging conversations of which I had no prior experience, has helped me fit in to the role and start to build on an effective management style.

What will future students get out of their experience?

After spending a year working at Gist I not only gained insight in to the world of logistics and management. I have improved my communication and people skills, confidence and had a chance to apply my academics in to the working world. I have had the chance to enrol on useful training courses to assist with my everyday role. I now feel I will go in to full time employment after graduating with relevant skills and experience that I now wouldn’t have imagined obtaining if it wasn’t for doing a placement year.

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