A Typical Day In My Placement Year

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A Typical Day In My Placement Year

I’ve been a placement student in the CCO department for the past three months, and this is what an average day has looked like for me so far;


The first thing I do when I get into work is check my emails, and prioritise my tasks for the day. I receive a lot of ad hoc requests from trial sites, which means no day is the same.


I process drug orders from sites and update trackers to ensure the drug reaches the patient in time. After this, I might start updating the Study Start-Up Group files with information I’ve received from ethics committees regarding adverse events. I run several reports for the Business Support Group; the information in which enables the department to function effectively.


In the afternoons, I might start running reports for my studies on issues such as adverse safety events and data quality errors. I email these to clinical trial monitors and other study team members. I might also perform admin based tasks such as booking meetings and filing.


After I’ve got the day’s urgent tasks out of the way, I catch up on other requests from trial monitors, such as sending out trial protocols and other study supplies to sites.


Before heading home for the day, I often attend an exercise class at the onsite gym with the other placement students.

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