Work experience and internships abroad: how they benefit you

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Work experience abroad puts you a step ahead of your competitors and has a huge impact on the rest of your life. Seeing the world is never a waste of time. Find out why by reading on.

Journalism and media experience abroad

For many years there was no such thing as a journalism degree. In fact, the only way to achieve your goal of becoming a top news reporter was to gain experience and learn the skills on the job.

Many journalists today do have degrees – either directly related to their field or in other areas – but experience is still crucial.

The only way to become a success is by practicing over and over again, and what better way to do it than by travelling around the world, writing and reporting?​

You could do an internship abroad and see what it’s like to work for a newspaper in Fiji or find stories in Kenya.​

The media industry is global and fast-paced, so keep up with the current trends and get a lot of experience. Who knows? You could beat all those other graduates and land yourself in a paid job.​

Journalism work experience placements internships abroad

Image courtesy of Frontier Fiji Journalism

Childcare awareness

Taking care of other people’s children is tough and experience is a must. Most parents would much rather leave their precious one(s) with someone who has experience of taking care of children, rather than someone who only has the qualification on paper!

Childcare social work experience placement internship abroad

Image courtesy of Madagascar Childcare Project

Work with animals overseas

Animal lovers are found everywhere, but some may decide to take their interest further and pursue a career as an animal care worker or similar.

Working in an animal rescue centre requires experience and by volunteering at home or abroad, you stand a better chance of securing a paid position later on.

University is not always required but some employees want you to have a qualification, while others offer it on the job.​

However, getting experience should be near the top of your list, and what better way than to fly off to an exotic destination and volunteer at an animal rescue centre? There you get to experience what it’s like working with animals and gain valuable skills.​

Work with animals placement internship abroad

Image courtesy of Costa Rica Animal Rescue Project

Nature and wildlife work experience abroad

​If you wish to conduct research and conservation work, it’s often vital to have a degree in biology, marine biology, conservation, zoology or similar. However, if you are not too keen on the actual research there are plenty of other jobs on offer.

With the right amount of experience you could become a wildlife educator and talk about animals all day long. Or pick up a camera and do some wildlife photography.

Another option would be to work with horses, especially if you are keen on working in areas like horse therapy.

Travel around the world, volunteer and gain experience in order to find out which job appeals the most to you.​

Nature work experience placement internship abroad

Image courtesy of Madagascar Wildlife Conservation Adventure

Practical construction work

Fancy constructing eco-friendly buildings in Israel or helping out endangered communities in Brazil? If you want to gain a bit of expertise in construction work there is certainly a lot on offer.

The best thing is that it’s all about field experience. You can do a qualification when you are ready or get paid to learn at your job – but why not see a bit of the world first?​

Construction work experience placement internship abroad

Image courtesy of Brazil Favela Restoration and Construction Project

Creative industries

Creative work experience placement internship abroad

Image courtesy of Tanzania Music Production and Education

​We all know how it goes. Breaking into the creative industries can be a tough one and it doesn’t matter how good your degree is – if you don’t have any experience nobody is likely to take a second look at you.

Get your foot in the door with a music production and education internship in Tanzania – a different way to see the world! Or explore your abilities with a camera on one of Frontier’s photography projects.

Teaching English around the world

Although teaching often requires both a degree and training, it’s a bit different when it comes to English teachers. By volunteering abroad you have the chance to get a TEFL qualification in English teaching while working on a different project in another country.

​This gives you the necessary skills to teach English around the world and in some places it even pays quite well – so if you are up for teaching and enjoy passing on knowledge, you could be onto a winner.

So let’s get started, shall we? It’s time to add experience as well as memories to your life story – a task that never truly ends. Jump on the boat and never look back, explore natural landscapes and challenge yourself to see things from a new perspective.

Gain experience from one of Frontier’s many volunteer projects and work towards landing your dream job. We offer plenty of qualifications in anything from teaching to wildlife conservation, so don’t worry if you decided to skip university – knowledge comes in all forms, shapes and sizes. Time to grab it!​

TEFL work experience placement internship abroad

Image courtesy of Costa Rica Teaching Project

Frontier runs conservation, development, teaching and adventure travel projects in more than 50 countries worldwide – so join us and explore the world! Caroline Edwards is an online media intern at Frontier, an international non-profit volunteering NGO.

For more information about travel and volunteering opportunities available please visit

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