When I Grow Up, I Want a Career in… Science Research

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career in science can be tough, but incredibly rewarding. If you are patient, driven, inquisitive and able to analyse vast amounts of information to pick out key trends and information, then you can forge a career in an industry that is literally key to…well, everything.

Researchers pioneer developments in pretty much every industry, but explorations into renewable energy resources, climate change and cancer research are at the focal point of current research.

If you fancy a career that really does make a difference to the lives of others, this may be the one for you!

Degrees relevant to science & research

Studying a science degree is an important prerequisite – roles in research and development in science require base level background knowledge, which is usually at least degree level.

Depending on what type of research you would like to go into, you might study one of the following:

  • Geology
  • Chemistry
  • Natural Sciences
  • Medical Sciences
  • Biomedicine
  • Physics

There are too many variations of the above to list, but you get the gist!

Check out the science scene

‘The Big Bang Theory’, while pretty hilarious, has definitely done nothing for dispelling the stereotype of geeky scientists. Bazinga

Scientists are a hugely diverse bunch; as always though, if you are so inclined, taking part in society activities and even becoming a committee member will really demonstrate that you are both sociable and a team player. This is particularly important as a scientist, when you are working together in a lab from 9-5 on sometimes very laborious (get it?) and repetitive tasks.

It is also a good idea to join groups and societies outside of your course. There’s a lot of stuff you can learn from your peers and it’s helpful to build a network at university.

It’s also important as a scientist to be able to communicate your findings to a wide variety of audiences, so joining the debate team will show off your presentation skills!

Ready for a research & development career?

The great thing about science degrees is that working on your dissertation will give you a real feel for the role of scientist. You may even be lucky enough for your dissertation project to be published in a scientific paper!

However, if you are studying a course with an industrial placement or you would like to get an idea of what scientists do outside of university, then get yourself on a placement or internship, or insight scheme if you’re a first year undergraduate.

There are plenty of opportunities within pharmaceutical firms, energy firms and summer projects at university.

A few companies we would recommend are:

Happy job hunting, scientists!

Read our extensive guide for more information on science and research and to find out more about science and research placements, internships and insights.

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