11 March 2021

What to Expect From a Virtual Assessment Centre

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We all need that little bit of extra support right now. Which is why we’ve called in the expert – Gemma Hurt, Early Careers Leader for GE Aviation – to dole out some career advice.

Every month, she’ll be sharing top-shelf content from her employability conference. A conference that is specifically designed to support YOU on your job hunt.

So watch this space.

Hi all,

I am Gemma Hurt, we have reached the end of my hints and tips series, I hope you have found them valuable.

The final stage of most recruitment processes is the assessment centre, and possibly the most dreaded!

Even though we have some light at the end of the tunnel for us to emerge from lockdown, I would suggest that most, if not all, assessment centres this season will be virtual. Unlike virtual interviews, which were around pre-COVID, I personally had never heard of virtual assessment centres before, so we are all learning together!

I have run a few different virtual assessment centres this year and have had positive feedback from candidates and assessors alike. The great news is that my assessors all felt that nothing was lost by the process being virtual and all felt comfortable making hiring decisions.

But let’s take it back to basics and talk about what an assessment centre is..

What does an assessment centre involve?

Essentially, it’s a day or half a day made up of a series of exercises designed to assess your skills and behaviours in a variety of scenarios. Typically, you can expect to participate in a group exercise, an interview (refer back to my previous blog for advice) and an individual exercise. This can differ, so do make sure you are aware of what will happen at any you are invited to.

In the group exercise, I would encourage you to ensure you contribute. Sounds silly, but you need to make sure you say something, and sometimes people don’t. That doesn’t mean speaking for the sake of speaking!

In a virtual setting, it is easier for people to accidentally speak over each other, but good assessors will know when this is intentional (and could be perceived as rude) or accidental. So please don’t let that stop you from speaking.

Top Tip:

Behave as you would normally in a team, encourage others, challenge if you don’t agree with people (in an appropriate way) and ensure you work together to the end goal. Essentially be yourself!

The assessment day is also a good way for you to find out more about the business and role you applied for and to meet existing colleagues.

You should also be “assessing”..

  • The opportunity, is this right for you?
  • Could you imagine working with the people you have met?

You also have a choice so don’t feel all the decision-making is on the side of the business.

My main advice is to take each exercise in isolation. Do your best when in it, once it is over, let it go!

If you go into the next exercise thinking about one you have just been in you might not put all of your energy into the right place. Sometimes one not so great exercise, but a great rest of the day, will not stop you from getting an offer!

Good luck for your assessment centres, enjoy it, you will get a lot out it!

I hope you have found this useful!



P.S – some of our GE Aviation placements are live! So do check them out here.