Top 5 tips for video interviews

Interviews over Skype and other video sharing methods are becoming increasingly popular. Why? Well, they give employers an insight into your body language and facial expressions without the expense of inviting you down to their office!

Did you know 42% of organisations are currently using video for recruitment? The use of video interviewing has increased by 50% in the past three years and 63% of HR managers have utilised video for finding candidates.

Are you already cringing with embarrassment at how to handle yourself in one of these interviews? Never fear we have some amazing advice so you can ace your interview and sail through to the next round!

1. Say hello!

Sounds obvious doesn’t it? But you would be surprised at how many people fall at the first hurdle. Treat this as you would a face- to- face interview. Thank the interviewer for putting you through to the next stage and ask the interviewer how their day is going. Make sure before you start the interview that whoever you are talking to can hear you properly!

Also check you have your phone on and next to you (on silent!) just in case there are any technical difficulties and you can continue your interview over the phone.

2. What to wear

Your employer can see you! That is the whole point of this type of interview so make sure you are dressed in professional attire as you would for an interview in their office.

Please do not just dress your top half and leave your onesie on underneath – it may be cold in your uni house but if you have to stand up for any reason pyjama bottoms will just not impress!

3. Your surroundings

Make sure you have good lighting so your interviewer can see you! Take down that Kelly Brook calendar and embarrassing photos of your mates in Freshers’ week.

You want to look as professional as possible and not distract anyone from the amazing skills you are talking about. If you are having an interview at home put a sign on your door letting people know – there is nothing worse than your half- dressed housemate bursting in half way though!

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4. The microphone

Those pesky microphones pick up every shuffle of paper, keyboard click and tap of your fingers. Make sure your laptop is on a stable surface so your interviewer can hear you- and no pen tapping!

5. How to end video interviews

Ending any interview can be awkward so remember the essentials here… Ask questions at the end and thank the interviewer for your time. We think it’s good etiquette to let the interviewer hang up first, but if it’s clear they are hanging on the line, end the call. You don’t want a ‘You hang up…’ ‘No you hang up…’ moment!

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