Top 5 Secret Santa presents for under £10

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As Christmas edges nearer and student budgets get smaller, it brings with it the repetitive cheesy songs in Tesco, the radical consumption of mince pies and an undeniable feeling of dread. What do I buy my friend for Secret Santa without breaking the bank?!

Whilst no one is expecting a new car, there is the question of how to find the right balance between buying a present that people will enjoy, and not getting pointless trash. All the while spending less than £10. Disclaimer Some of these options may be pointless. Fear not, we are here to help!

Obviously, everyone has different tastes, but if they keep an open mind you might be able to get them something that they actually want, even if that is a nerf gun or a fluffy key chain.


Let’s start with a Christmas essential; socks. There’s a stigma around receiving socks, but let’s be honest we love them and we all need them. It’s the perfect Secret Santa gift. Cheap and cheerful but surprisingly amusing!

Beat their Grandma to it and surprise them with a pair of ludicrous socks. Now I’m not talking about some plain cotton socks, go all out! My Grandma would only buy me socks that have at least 8 different offensive colours on them.

So, why not follow in her footsteps and get your friend a pair whacky Christmas socks.


Food. A Christmas necessity. If you don’t completely gorge yourself during the Christmas period and gain several stone, has it really been Christmas?

Following this train of thought, my next suggestion is novelty chocolate. You literally can’t go wrong! I recommend some chocolate Brussels Sprouts, despite resembling the devilish vegetable, they are in fact scrumptious! Let your receiver trick their mum into thinking they are eating their greens!

Scratch Map

For those budding travellers out there, this is a perfect gift. I’m sure you have all seen or heard about them; but, basically it is a map where you scratch off where you have been. Yes, it is that simple!

Despite its simplicity it’s a more personal gift than a magnetic chess set. For those who have either been to lots of countries all over the world, or have a desire to go travelling, this is the ideal map for them.

Say goodbye to the old maps of the past and say hello to the scratch map of the future!

Piggy Bank

Does your Secret Santa receiver have a bad history with money? Can they never afford to go out with you and your friends? Or maybe they like everyone needs to save a few pounds.

If so, this is the gift for them! You can get piggy banks of all shapes and sizes, or make it more interesting by getting one with a personalised message or related to a favourite film.

They are old fashioned for a reason, they work!


What’s the greatest invention of the 21st century you ask? The internet? The mobile phone? Both good suggestions. It is in fact a mug that changes colour when you pour boiling water into it.

A tea addict would love this gift; the novelty of the drastic colour change won’t wear off! You can stick photos of you and your friends on the side, or have motivational phrases telling them to wake up and get on with their day.

The possibilities are endless!

There you have it, a comprehensive list of the top Secret Santa gifts for under £10. Have fun with it and just hope that the person buying your gift has also seen this list!

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