Tips & Advice for Virtual Interviews

We all need that little bit of extra support right now. Which is why we’ve called in the expert - Gemma Hurt, Early Careers Leader for GE Aviation - to dole out some career advice.

Every month, she’ll be sharing top-shelf content from her employability conference. A conference that is specifically designed to support YOU on your job hunt.

So watch this space.

Hi all,

I am Gemma Hurt, back again to provide support and guidance through the challenging world of the job hunt, we are now at the interview stage!

You are likely to face at least one interview through a typical recruitment process so it’s important to gain some hints and tips on how you can be at your best.

What types of interview are there?

In the world we are currently living in I would suggest that most of the interviews you take will be virtual. Virtual Interviews were around pre-COVID but have dramatically increased in popularity to help keep you and the interviewers safe. It also offers great flexibility.

There are a few different types of interviews you could be invited to. One could be a “live” interview where you log into an online meeting, this doesn’t differ too much from a face to face interview.

You might be invited to complete an on-demand video interview, this is where questions are pre-recorded or typed, and you are asked to submit recorded video answers.

Some businesses might ask you a bigger question, maybe “Why do you want to work at X & what makes you suitable for the role?” You would then record a video response and send it in, which might give you an opportunity to be creative with how you answer it.

Regardless of what format you will be asked to get involved in, interviews are environments to bring yourself to life and share insights about your fantastic experiences and capabilities. You will have been invited to interview as the recruiter has seen something great from you already and wants to know more!

In the last session I shared my advice to not apply for too many places, and this becomes even more true as getting ready for interviews takes time and preparation. This is a continuation of the research you did ahead of applying that was talked about in previous blogs and recordings. But you also need to know what type of questioning you will be responding to, and what skills/behaviours the interviewer will be focussing on so you can reflect on your experiences and have some examples ready.

You might be sent some information about what they will be looking for, if not you could get some clues from the company’s website, their values and job description. I would suggest preparing some competency-based answers to these competencies as a minimum; communication, team working, prioritisation & relationship building.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) defines competencies as: 

"the behaviours employees must input into a situation in order to achieve high levels of performance"

Competency-based questions enable you to talk; they are open questions and invite a response that tells the employer about a real-life challenge that you’ve faced.

Essentially, competency questions help employers understand how you’ve previously dealt with situations, tasks or people, which will indicate you would do the same in the environment you are wanting to join. The key here is your answers need to be real life examples not hypothetical.

Words of advice

Please remember that an interview is a two-way process even if not face to face - it’s your opportunity (if live) to find out more about the company to see if it is a right fit for you and even if you don’t get chance to “meet” someone, to reflect on how much you enjoyed researching and learning about a business. Remember, you have choices too! 

Your interviewers are humans too, we don’t expect you to be perfect, the graduate programme or placement is there to help develop you. So, do your best but don’t put too much pressure that the nerves may take over and you can’t bring your personality to the interview.

I hope you have found this useful, check out the recording above for more advice and see you next month.



P.S - some of our GE Aviation placements are live! So do check them out here.