Job applications: three ways to make your application flawless

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Top tip number one

To get your work experience hunt off to an amazing start, you need to head to the very best site for the job – RateMyPlacement!

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Once there, you’ll be greeted by hundreds of vacancies available at great companies across the UK.

You can search for placements, internships and vacation schemes in a diverse range of industries, from engineering and finance to law and IT.

When you find a job you just love the sound of, you can move to the second stage…

Top tip number two

To give yourself the best chance of grabbing the role, you should make sure your CV and cover letter are tinkered and tailored to fit the company you’re applying to.

In fact, it’s a good idea to do this for any job you ever apply for. It’s annoying, we know – but honestly, you’re likely to have lots more success this way, so it’s totally worth it.

How can you ensure you include the right information? Read the job description fully and find out what the employer is looking for.

Research is key. Head to the company’s site and get a feel for the place. See if there are any reviews for the company or job on RateMyPlacement and see what’s been said.

Top tip number three

You know the job you want and your CV is tailored. Now you just need to apply!

Companies vary in terms of how they want you to apply. Some will keep it nice and simple and just ask you to email your cover letter and CV. Others may ask you to upload your documents on their site instead.

A good number of employers will want you to complete an application form too, which could ask a range of questions about your experience and skills.

Yep, this can be time-consuming. But make sure you craft your responses and that they answer the question being asked.

If you’re taking the time to do it, you may as well do it right. Make use of online resources, because there are plenty out there.

Starting your application ages before the deadline will also give you a chance to tackle it bit by bit, so get it done nice and early – not at the last minute. Good luck!

Quick fire handy hints for student job applications


Get your work experience hunt off to a cracking start by heading to the best site for the job – RateMyPlacement.

Treat your application as an easy way to make a strong first impression. After all this is probably the first time they’ve ever come into contact with you so you want to hit the ground running!

Read your CV, cover letter and answers through again and again to make sure they’re concise and all the information is relevant to the company and job.

Tailor your application rather than sending a generic one – because recruiters have seen hundreds of those! Research good CV examples and ensure yours is well-structured and has your contact details.


Leave loads of spelling errors and grammar mistakes in your application. Even one’s too many! Copy what you’ve written into another document, change the font and make it bigger. This should make it easier to spot those hidden errors.

Forget to attach your documents. You won’t look very organised if you do.

Waffle on and on and on…if you get bored reading it, the employer definitely will. Offer relevant examples and remember: quality, not quantity.

Leave it until the last minute. Instead do it bit by bit, taking your time to craft the perfect application that the recruiter’s going to love. If you start early enough you’ll still beat the deadline by a mile – and won’t that feel great!

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