7 January 2022

Start Your New Year the Right Way

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It’s finally 2022!

Maybe you’re still slightly hungover from New Years Eve and never want to see a roast potato again for the rest of your life. That’s okay.

To say these last few years have been crazy would be an understatement, but you’ve done it! So give yourself a pat on the back.

It’s time to get back into that work ready mindset as your new career is just around the corner.

To get you back into the swing of things, we’ve put together some helpful resources to set you up with everything you need to be job ready for 2022.

#1 Work Ready Virtual Experience

What’s better than being able to prepare for the world of work, from the comfort of your bed?

With our Work Ready Virtual Experience you can do exactly that!

No student should miss out on the chance to complete some kind of work experience before they graduate, no sir.

But what is it?

We teamed up with Forage and Development Beyond Learning to give students the opportunity to complete a virtual internship while they study.

What is a virtual internship?

A virtual internship is any kind of work you can do from home. It could be insights, a placement or vacation scheme.

The programme is designed to set you up with all the soft skills needed in the workplace. It is split into 3 modules:

  • Wellbeing and Resilience
  • Remote Networking
  • Virtual First Impressions

Once it’s completed you will get a certificate you can show off on LinkedIn. You’ll also be able to add the experience to your CV. Not too shabby!

And the best part? It’s COMPLETELY FREE.

The course should take around 5-6 hours to complete but you can go at your own pace. All you need is a university email, good wifi and a cup of your favourite coffee.

#2 Best Student Employers Guide 2021 – 2022

If your New Year’s resolution is to read more, then look no further.

One great resource we have available is our Best Student Employers Guide, where inside you’ll find 55 of the Best Student Employers, with details on their opportunities available, entry requirements, application processes, and more.

The guide also breaks down the type of work experience you should be looking for in your first year, second year and beyond – to make it that bit easier for you!

Read the guide? Now it’s time to get cracking on your applications and secure a job with one of those employers. Read our blog below to help guide you through the process…

#3 Best 100 & 60 Tables

Voted for students by students, the Best 100 Employers Table is essentially a ranked list of all the employers students have worked with over the last year.

It’s like voting for the winner on I’m a Celebrity.

Once a student completes a placement, internship or vacation scheme at the company they leave a review and rank each question out of 10.

Once the review is complete, the algorithm gods here at RateMyPlacement do their thing and boom the tables are created.

But how does this benefit YOU?

The table is created from the experiences students have, so this can help you to decide what companies you may want to work for.

Looking for a role in banking? The table can show you that the best 3 companies in the field are Bloomberg, Bank of America and Capital One.

#4 Blogs

RateMyPlacement has a TON of super useful blogs to help prepare you for your job searching adventure.

Whether you have no clue where to start, or just want to update a few resources like your CV – we can help.

Here are some of our faves:

#5 Virtual Events

What better time is there than now to spruce up on your employer opportunity knowledge.

But how?

Back in the Autumn term we hosted seven virtual events FULL of everything you need to know to get career ready.

From Accenture to PwC and J.P. Morgan to Mazars, don’t miss out on this valuable information from some of the Best Employers in the industry.

Key topics included:

  • Available job opportunities
  • Top tips for the application process
  • What recruiters are really looking for
  • Past placement student experiences

These events are invaluable if you want to be a stand-out applicant.

Don’t worry, you haven’t missed out. To watch the recordings of these events, you can find them all in one place HERE.

We hope these resources have been of some help and encourage you to get stuck into your applications.

Good luck!