Pros and cons of moving home after graduating from university

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Going home after university internships

Leaving university after three or more years of hard studying can be a daunting experience to face.

Not only are you left to fend for yourself in the big bad world, without the comfort of your academic pals and campus bar, but you might also be faced with the task of moving back home for a while.

Leaving one chapter behind and starting another is not always easy, so let’s take a proper look at the pros and cons of moving home after your graduation.

Cons of moving back home after graduating from university

Your collection of ‘university stuff’ might not fit in your home

Did you go on a bit of a spending spree when your student loan came in? If so, you might find you’ve acquired a whole array of ‘definitely-had-to-have-it-at-the-time’ items that have absolutely no place in the family home.

If this is the case and your parents have banned you from bringing anything too ‘quirky’ with you, fear not, as with storage units located in Leeds and other popular university cities across the country, Ready Steady Store can help you put all your sentimental things into a highly-secure facility without having to throw it away.

This will give you time to sort through everything and decide what to do with your university memorabilia as and when it suits you.

You’ll miss your hall buddies

One of the best things about university is being able to call on your friends at any hour of the day or night. No matter what time it is, there’s sure to be someone up for drinking, watching DVDs, eating or simply having a chat and you might miss this when you go back home and everyone heads to bed early.

In fact, fitting in with your parents’ routines again is bound to feel completely unnatural and strange. You might not like the fact they go to bed so early or want the TV turned down after 10pm. You might not also like how they keep tabs on your diet or ask where you’re going, but try not to let the restrictions get to you and find ways to adapt to your new way of life, while building in time to visit your friends to keep in contact.

Pros of moving back home after your university years

You’ll be back in familiar surroundings

While returning back to the family home might seem like a dull experience after the craziness of the past few years, try to think of the positives. Not only will you be back on familiar territory, but you might get to catch up with old school and work mates that you’ve not seen in a while.

You can go out in all the old-school bars and clubs and can even take a walk down memory lane by visiting your favourite restaurants, shops, sights and such like.

And don’t forget, if things really do get too much and you miss student life, you could always think about post-graduate study or simply popping back to your university town / city for a weekend break.

You might have a helping hand

Parents will always be parents, so when you move home you might find your mum or dad does your washing on your behalf or cooks you dinner. This can seem like a luxury after so long but don’t forget to return the favour now and again and certainly don’t take your loved ones for granted.

What’s more, if your student accommodation was a little on the grim side you might enjoy living in a clean, well-kept environment or simply being back in your own bedroom – you may even benefit from a little financial support at a time when your coffers have been well and truly raided.

Many students find the thought of leaving university scary, but returning back home can bring a touch of stability and normality to your life after all the craziness of university.

This guest blog post was written for RateMyPlacement by Patrick Vernon.

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