Organise Your Work Experience Search

Fancy a fast-track route to a graduate job? A placement year or summer internship could do that for you! Just like speedy boarding, but there's no plane.

Research shows that employers are making the most of their own talent pool and rehiring, on average, 52% of their previous interns and 43% of their previous summer placement students. Therefore it’s now more important than ever to do some form of work experience whilst you are still at university. 

We know that applying for a placement or internship role can be a lengthy process, without thinking about all of the different stages, deadlines, and assessments that come along with it. To help make your life easier, we’ve produced this downloadable spreadsheet which will help you to log all of your applications in one place… use it and get organised!

Why should I get organised?

The search for a placement is never an easy one. With more students becoming interested in applying for one, you are now competing with more people to get your dream role.

The Institute of Student Employers (2018) revealed that on average, there are 39 students applying for every 1 placement role. With this in mind, you have to be on top of your organisation game to ensure you’re not missing out on any deadlines.

What’s in the spreadsheet?

This spreadsheet has been put together for you to log all of your applications in one place, and ensure you’re never missing out on deadlines. It covers a lot of stages you will come across in your application journey, including:

  • Company location and industry: Give yourself a visual of what type of companies you are applying for and the industry, make sure you’re tailoring any CV’s and Cover Letters to this.
  • Deadlines: Essential!
  • Online tests, video interviews, phone interviews: Check these off as you go!
  • Assessment centre: Here you can put in the dates of any assessment centres you have been invited to.

If there are companies you have your eye on that haven’t opened their vacancies just yet, you can pop these in the second tab so you won’t forget to check!

TOP TIP: Save all of your answers to any online applications in a word doc! You are able to tweak these to be specific to other companies, or improve them by using feedback from employers.

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