National Undergraduate Employability Awards: A chance for your team to be recognised

Ready to nominate your team?

Brought to you by, The NUE Awards celebrate the outstanding achievements of employers, students and universities in undergraduate work experience across the UK.

This is a chance for your team to be recognised and rewarded for all of their hard work in inspiring students to take the first steps in their career. Nominations are now open and will shut on Friday 13th November 2020. 

To help you with your nomination, we have got the inside scoop from Su Maynard who is part of the EPS Employability and Placement Teams at Leeds University. Su nominated her team and won the Best University Placement Service (Under 500 Placements) Award at the 2020 Awards.

Read what inspired Su to nominate and why you should nominate for the NUE Awards 2021.

Why did you enter the NUE Awards?

We entered the awards because I wanted my hard working team to be recognised for the efforts they had put in especially during a period of change.

What inspired you to put your team forward?

I know that the team had entered various categories for the Awards before I managed them and I could see these reflected as to how the team was growing in terms of the service they could offer.

I was inspired to enter into the Awards when I reflected on the hard work of the individuals in my team and what a morale boost it would be for them just to be shortlisted.

How did you find the nomination process?

The nomination process in itself was very straightforward and easy to follow. I probably spent far too much time writing and rewriting the nomination as I wanted to focus on aspects of their work that had impressed me and achieved great results rather than everything they do as a team!

How has winning impacted your team?

When we won the award our Faculty Dean sent the whole team a lovely email recognising their efforts and we had a mini celebration at work. Our students were really pleased that we had won the award and for those who hadn’t previously engaged with us, both student and academic, it provided a bit of marketing for our service.

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Why is it important for universities to enter the Awards?

I actually think one of the best things about entering the Awards is that moment when you look at the categories and reflect on the hard work and tangible achievements of your team.

It is a real chance to also consider the ways in which you do things as you have to focus on that for the application form.

Any words of wisdom for those teams deliberating on whether they should enter...

I’m not sure these are words of wisdom, but I would say if you’re unsure then just do it! Write a clear nomination that really focuses on the questions at hand and remember that your team knowing you believe in them enough to enter them is really encouraging.

We hope this has encouraged you to nominate and we look forward to seeing your nomination very soon.