A Guide to the January Sales

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Boxing Day means one thing in my household; spending quality time with loved ones, watching The Great Escape and playing Monopoly – until the inevitable argument over Park Lane ruins everything.

There is, however, another way in which to spend Boxing Day. In recent years, it has replaced Buckaroo and repeats of Only Fools and Horses… the January sales.


This recent development in British culture is baffling; why you would choose to fight tooth-and-nail over a new jumper with a fellow sales-shopper, who is full of turkey, parsnips and adrenaline. I can’t get my head around it.

Alas, RateMyPlacement is here to help you cope, and offer you some handy tips on how to master, conquer and avoid the January sales this year.


Tip number 1:


Prioritise. This is a key skill. Work out beforehand what you’re really after. Think big, and get the game-changing purchases first. That way, if the other little bits and bobs have been snapped up, or crushed to dust by the hordes of shoppers, all is not lost!

Tip number 2


Set out early. By early, we mean early; get to the shop long before it opens for a valuable advantage over other buyers. This might mean sacrificing a few sherrys the night before, but for 5% off a pair of Skechers, it’s a no brainer!

Tip number 3

Formulate a plan. Aimlessly wandering around John Lewis will get you nowhere. Plan, plan and plan some more. You need maps, apps and a lethal sense of direction to take the sales by the scruff of the neck and bag some bargains!

Tip number 4

Sort out the bargains from the rip-offs. We’ve all been there; when you’re clutching onto that sweater (which has caught your eye even though it’s not your usual style). You can’t picture what you’ll wear the sweater with, but your are desperate for the it nonetheless.

My advice? Drop it. Put it back (sheepishly) or give it to the person you snatched it off  of in the first place. Then, walk away with your head held high. You’ll be thankful when you see it online a month later at a cheaper price. If you still want it then – buy it!

Tip number 5

Go to the pub and wait for the sales to blow over. Added bonus if you can get your significant other to go for you and get you a new pair of trainers.

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