At a Glance: The Science & Research Industry

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Science is an extremely wide-ranging industry, covering everything from pharmaceuticals and drug development to medical research and electronics.

“More than £11 million is invested in the UK’s pharmaceutical R&D sector daily, with the industry generating a trade surplus of £5 billion yearly.”

The UK’s science and research sector is vibrant and ever-changing, keeping the country at the forefront of global scientific progression and providing great opportunities for graduates.

There are numerous prestigious science parks dotted around the country, including Bristol & Bath, Oxford and Cambridge, which house innovative companies.

Let your career takeoff

The nation’s space research sector, which develops satellite equipment and instruments, supports 29,000 workers and adds more than £9 billion to the economy.

“Science & research is a worthwhile investment; every £1 spent by the government on R&D increases the private sector’s output by 20p annually.”

Elsewhere companies like Cancer Research UK are dedicated to carrying out life-saving studies and contributing to the development of the world’s best cancer treatments.

In contrast, other organisations like Roke are also involved in the science and research industry, but focus on electronics engineering and developing products (like sensors and communications systems) for a range of clients.

Science & research positions

Businesses involved in the sector offer various roles that don’t just require you to have science-based degrees to excel.

“In the UK there are in excess of 4,000 companies generating total annual revenue of more than £50 billion.”

These could include positions in the engineering, IT, sales, marketing or HR departments, to name just a few.

For example, working in marketing or communications for a science and research company could see you managing the company’s website and social media presence.

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