Five Things Home Alone Can Teach You About Getting A Job

If you're home alone this Christmas (because your family went to IKEA and completely forgotten about you), have a quick perusal of our placement and internship vacancies...

How many times will you watch Home Alone over Christmas? It's almost impossible to avoid it.

'And now on BBC 1, a Christmas classic, Kevin McCallister is left Home Alone.'

'After the news on ITV, sit back and enjoy our favourite Christmas film, Home Alone.'

It's on every channel. All day. Everyday. If you miss it on the BBC, the voice-over tells you to watch it on the iPlayer. On ITV, they remind you to watch it later on ITV+1. You cannot hide from Macaulay Culkin. 

This Christmas, however, watching Home Alone could be to your benefit.

Hidden in between the messages of Christmas joy, neglectful parenting and home invasions gone wrong, are some very useful tips that can help you find a job. 

#1  Think on the spot

Kevin turned booby-trapping into an art form. His use of paint cans, icy stairs and a blowtorch inspires all. And yet, he still had to think on his feet.

When Marv grabs Kevin's foot, he improvises using a tarantula (that happens to be passing by). 

When you're applying for a job, you might have to complete an interview or online test at short notice. 

Take a leaf out of young Kevin's book; be calm, collected and respond to whatever challenges an employers presents you with. Treat it as a test of your adaptability. 

#2  Don't be forgotten

Kevin was left home alone because his parents forgot about him. Don't let employers forget about you when you've applied for a job. 

Contact the employer before an interview or assessment centre, and ask them if there is anything you need to prepare. Send them an email after the interview, to find out when you'll hear if you were successful or not. 

Ensure the employer knows how much you want the job, and doesn't forget you amongst the platoon of other candidates. 

#3  Always be prepared 

Kevin had a plan. He was prepared. Yes, his plan was guerilla warfare and risked the serious injury of two low-IQ thieves, but it was ultimately successful.

It's crucial that you do similar preparation when you're applying for a job. 

There's no need to set booby-traps, even if you find out the identities of your rival candidates. 

Put serious time into your CV and cover letter. It's often the first stage of an application process, so it's essential that you dazzle the employer. 

#4  Be proactive

When Kevin discovered he was home alone, he was not idle. He did not sit around for three days eating crisps and dip. 

When he ran out of milk, he skipped off to the shops and purchased some groceries. When Kevin discovered the Wet Bandits were targeting his house, he set to work to fend off the thieves. 

You need to be similarly proactive on the job hunt.

Placement and internship opportunities will not stroll up to you, tap you on the shoulder and say, 'Suzie, apply for this job!'

Research the best companies that offer undergraduate work experience, fill out application forms, read reviews on RateMyPlacement, attend interviews and assessment centres. 

Be like Kevin, be proactive.

#5  Make use of friends & family

Kevin's campaign of terror was not enough to fully defeat Harry and Marv. It was Old Man Marley, arriving in injury-time with an unnaturally large spade that saved the day.

You should never be afraid to ask for help, whether it be from parents, friends, neighbours or the local folk-group. 

A lecturer or careers advisor can proofread your CV and application. Ken the accountant from across the road might know of opportunities in his firm. You can practice answering interview questions with the milkman. 

Make use of those who are around you!

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