Case Study: I Interned At FactSet

Emily Heath interned at multinational financial data and software company, FactSet, in the summer of 2017. Read her blog to find out what she did day-to-day, the valuable skills she gained and how much she enjoyed the social aspect of the role.

I interned at FactSet during summer 2017. It was an amazing experience giving me a deeper insight into the financial sector and the role that technology plays within that, whilst also allowing me to meet some inspiring people who have given me the opportunity to further my career as I embark upon a graduate role there in October 2018. The internship program was organised by two intern managers who were crucial contacts throughout the process, offering continual guidance and support.  


The programme started with a 2 week training scheme. The first involved all 10 interns, both those who would be working with Investment Management clients and those within the Global Banking and Brokerage division, receiving an introduction to the role. This involved learning about the different client types and their workflows, excel functions and the formulation of models, whilst also an overview of software and the different products within this area. 

The days were very structured, with a range of different employees taking each of the individual sessions. Some sessions, mainly led by our intern managers, focused on the development of soft skills, as being able to communicate and present yourself well to clients is key to this role. At least once a week we would deliver a presentation to other FactSet employees, with topics ranging from specific clients workflows to mock trainings of some of the more complex FactSet products. This significantly boosted my presentation confidence and is now something I would consider to be a key strength.

The second week of the program saw more team specific tasks, with the final day consisting of a final presentation demonstrating the skills we had developed over the prior 2 weeks.

Responsibilities and workload

The days were extremely varied throughout the 8 weeks we spent working within teams. 

In the Global Banking and Brokerage team, we rotated between the Global Team - who focused on the 10 largest investment banks such as Barclays, UBS and JP Morgan - and the Mid-Markets Team, which worked with private equity firms, equity research and smaller banks such as Rothschild.

The two teams differed greatly in the type of day to day tasks, with Mid-Markets focusing more on the development of excel models, whilst the Global Team had a greater focus on the FactSet workstation itself and how it could be used to aid analysts’ workflows. 

Both teams presented the opportunity to attend client visits, the majority of which involved training new or existing users on FactSet products. For me, this was the most enjoyable part of the 8 weeks as it allowed me to appreciate the value that FactSet could deliver whilst also providing me with the opportunity for client interaction.

Office culture

FactSet’s strong emphasis on a work-life balance is characteristic of the firm's culture, among many others, that makes it superior to its peers. 

Each intern was allocated a mentor upon commencing the internship, who was our key point of contact throughout the 10 weeks. This scheme was crucial in allowing all interns to feel fully integrated in the social aspect of FactSet. Naturally, results are key to the success of FactSet, so this played a leading role in our day to day actions. Despite this, all employees were keen to ensure that, as interns, we took our full hour lunch break and rarely stayed longer than our contracted hours so that we could enjoy the perks that living in London over the summer has to offer.

It is this which makes it unsurprising that FactSet is continually recognised as one of the best UK workplaces, whilst also providing strong financial results as it continues to displace competitors globally.

Social perks

On top of these social perks, there were many other bonuses to FactSet.

There is food available all day for people to take from the kitchen, with a fully stocked drinks fridge, different kinds of fruit, and snacks like crisps and cereal bars. We could also make a daily order from a different restaurant for free! Seeing as we were so near to Liverpool Street in London, we often picked up our lunch from the kitchen and walked to a nearby square to watch Wimbledon or cricket on a big screen in the open.

We were given 5 days of holiday over the internship period to take, so I was still able to go to on holiday, and others went to festivals or weekends away. No back at university, I’m still in contact with not only the other interns but also some of the permanent staff there as well! It was a really worthwhile internship and I’m looking forward to starting there permanently.

Applications are still open for the Summer 2018 Client Solutions Internship. The deadline is fast approaching so make sure you apply soon to avoid disappointment.