10 Brand NEW Christmas Songs To Add To Your Festive Playlist

Eurovision 2020. Tour de France. Vanilla Ice’s Independence Day Throwback Beach Party.

Coronavirus has cancelled a lot of events this year.

But it won't cancel Christmas.

Thanks to the relaxing of lockdown restrictions, and more importantly the release of some back-slappingly good holiday bops over the last few months, this Christmas is set to be a very merry one.

Here are RateMyPlacement's top ten recent festive releases to add to your Christmas playlist. (We've even rated them. And no, we don't have any musical expertise whatsoever).

#1 Christmas Without You (by Ava Max)

After dropping her highly-anticipated debut album earlier this year, Heaven and Hell, Ava Max is back to deliver a Christmas jingle that will hit you right in the feels.

"Wherever you go, you light up the room, I hope that you make it, back home soon, cause it won't feel like Christmas with you..." the Sweet But Psycho hitmaker belts over a jolly good jingle. Some heart-warming lyrics sung over a classic Christmas melody. (And listen out for her Mariah-esque whistle).

Just that little bit of extra sparkle to add to your festivities this year.

#2 You Make It Feel Like Christmas (by Gwen Stefani ft. Blake Shelton)

"A few times I've been around that track, So it's not just gonna happen like that, Cause I ain't no hollaback girl, I ain't no hollaback girl." Ooomph. We couldn't mention Gwen Stefani without resurrecting one of the grittiest (and most iconic) pop anthems from the Noughties.

But ever the queen of reinvention, Gwen has swapped her feet-stomping sound for an elegant, Marilyn Monroe-esque delivery of this vintage-style Christmas jingle.

Featuring country music legend, Blake Shelton, we wouldn't blame you for thinking this new release from the recently engaged duo is a Christmas classic. Timeless sound with old Hollywood glamour visuals. 

Yes, this song was released back in 2018. But it never got the recognition it deserved. So we've recycled it for you pleasure.

#3 I Believe in Santa (by Meghan Trainor)

The word 'bop' was invented with Meghan Trainor in mind. After delivering some of the feistiest songs in pop music over the years (All About That Bass, No, Me Too), Meghan returns with perhaps her sassiest number to date. 

With some unapologetically bold lyrics, “I look good in ugly sweaters, no one can rock ‘em better, I gain fifteen pounds a season, blame Santa — he’s the reason!” coupled with an R&B inspired pop-production, this track really does slap. 

This song is perfect for when you've had an after dinner tipple and just want to let loose a little. Careful though, the bass-heavy production might give Grandma a migraine.

#4 Baby, I'm coming home (by Ally Brooke)

Ex-member of Fifth Harmony, Ally Brooke, is back with her first ever Christmas single.

"I've been waiting since January" she sings in her pre-chorus. And Ally's not the only one. This Christmas has been a LONG time coming. 

This feel-good, festive track about spending time with your loved ones at Christmas, we admit, isn't ground-breaking. But, its feel-good factor coupled with Ally's liquid-gold vocals make it worthy of a listen.

Consider it not the main gift, but more of a Christmas stocking filler. 

#5 Holiday (by Lil Nas X)

Everything that you thought made a great Christmas song. Throw it out of the window.

This gift from Lil Nas X is the most unconventional Christmas song you'll hear. Perhaps EVER. After, the record-breaking success of Old Town Road, he had a lot to live up to. And he didn't disappoint.

Warning: it's full of explicit language. So maybe not best to play in front of Aunt Norma.

"Aye, it’s a holiday / I got hoes on hoes and they outta control, yeah / Aye, its another way / All my ****** on go and I hope that you know it" Lil Nas X raps over a meaty beat.

The single (perfect for TikTok), is accompanied by an eccentric music video that has hit 45+ million views within just two weeks of its release. And with the level of detail and creativity in it, we're not surprised.

#6 All Your Dreaming Of (by Liam Gallagher)

Liam Gallagher. A delicate and tender festive ballad. Two things we did NOT expect to go together. But, they really do. Like REALLY do.

The song has been described by Liam himself as an "instant classic that is perfect for this time of year" with "a bit of a Christmassy vibe to it." Hopeful lyrics about how love will always triumph in crises, sung softly over signature Gallagher strings and a gentle piano, it's surprisingly emotional. 

This is the kind of track you'd sing along to at 9pm on Christmas day, mascara running down your face, your glass of gin swaying in the air and a smile of satisfaction running from ear-to-ear.

#7 25th (by Tori Kelly)

One of two original songs on her recent album, A Tori Kelly Christmas, 25th is an upbeat Christmas track about spending the festive period with the one you love. The accompanying video is cute and very Christmassy, but pretty predictable. 

However, where this song does shine is in Tori's vocal prowess. Her signature vocal riffs and runs give Ariana Grande a run for her money, and we think it'd be a shame for them to go unnoticed.

If you're thinking 'who even is Tori Kelly?', you won't be after you hear this track.

#8 Naughty List (by Liam Payne ft. Dixie D'Amelio)

Former One Direction member teamed up with TikTok star Dixie D'Amelio for this playful holiday song.

“Now we’re on the naughty list/ Must have been the way we kissed/ Santa saw the things we did/ And put us on the naughty list."

The lyrics are naughty, the Christmas melody is nice, but overall the song is just a bit bland. We don't expect it to light up the charts anytime soon. But then again, it's a Christmas song in a pretty miserable year. So you might just take it where you can get it.

(A bit like Brussel sprouts though... it's something we'd probably skip.)

#9 Christmas Is (by Dolly Parton ft. Miley Cyrus)

There's no doubt that Dolly is a legend. And to mark her THIRD Christmas album, she teamed up with god-daughter, Hannah Montana star and fully-fledged pop star, Miley Cyrus. 

The result?

A delightful country-Christmas crossover with a message of hope, kindness and compassion. It's not the upbeat bop you might have been expecting from the pair, but it's magic nonetheless and just the kind of festive spirit we need this year. And it's through the roof on the wholesome scale.

#10 This is Christmas (by Goo Goo Dolls)

It's rare for bands like Goo Goo Dolls to release Christmas music.

But we're SO glad they did.

This single delivers a warm, nostalgic festive feel with soft vocals that convey an uplifting message, "drove a thousand miles, just to see you smile, this is Christmas, sing with me softly, my dear ’Cause it’s all I can give you this year, this is Christmas..."

And we love the music video. It's so gracefully simple.

There you go.

Now you know what Liam Gallagher, Dolly Parton and Gwen Stefani all have in common.

They've delivered us some ABSOLUTE CHRISTMAS BANGERS this year. So what are you waiting for? Get them in your playlist and crank up the volume. There ain't no party like a Christmas party.