14 December 2021

Watch Now: Career Tips From the Best Employers

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Are you ready to kickstart your job hunt?

Once again RateMyPlacement have connected with some of the Best Employers in the UK to bring you 7 FREE Virtual Events!

They were packed full of information, spanning 50+ presentations across a range of industries, with 2 Industry events and 5 focused on Diversity & Inclusion:

Missed the chance to watch live? 

Luckily, you can find each session from every employer below!

The recordings include helpful interview and application tips, insight into the recruitment process, available career opportunities and a look into the employers who have a real commitment to Diversity & Inclusion.

If you’re in a hurry, or have a particular event in mind that you want to watch then feel free to just skip on down to that session.

Legal Virtual Event

The legal sector can be a tough one to get into, there are lots of rules you’ll need to follow (quite literally) if you want to successfully begin your career in the industry.

This Virtual Event was filled to the brim with presentations from some of the best law employers out there. They give you an insight into what it’s like to be a part of a top law firm and how you can perfect the skills needed to join them.

Missed the chance to watch live? Here’s your second chance…

STEM Virtual Event

A career in STEM will challenge you like no other. There can be pressure when trying to become the next Einstein or Newton.

But the rewards will be just as great once you’ve made that discovery..

Find out about what opportunities are available from some of the leading firms in the sector and how you can help them to make a difference!

These video sessions are full of useful tips and tricks about how to make your application stand out against the crowd.

Catch up now! Watch below…

Inspiration Women in Financial Services Virtual Event

Gone are the days when the financial sector was completely male dominant.

Now inspirational women are taking the industry by storm, creating a lasting impact that will be sure to last for generations.

Here you will find some insightful talks on current employee journeys as a woman in financial services, along with available opportunities, and helpful advice.

This event is packed with video sessions delivered by these industry giants:

Look at all this help, you’re bound to find a job after watching these sessions…

Be Your Authentic Self at Work Virtual Event

“35% of LGBTQ+ staff don’t disclose their LGBTQ+ status at work for fear of discrimination.” (LGBT in Britain – Work Report 2018)

Hear from some big names in the industry, to find out what being your authentic self means and how you can bring your WHOLE self to work.

This event is packed full of advice from employees who have experienced the difficulties of not feeling they can be themselves at work and are here to help make your journey that bit easier.

Forgot to put your reminders on? At least we recorded the sessions…

“It’s Not Who You Know” Virtual Event

“A student from a disadvantaged background who gains a first class degree from a top university is less likely to secure an elite job than a more privileged student with a 2.2.” (London School of Economics, 2019)

Employers are increasingly working hard to foster diverse, inclusive and stress-free workplaces so that everyone has equal access to career opportunities.

The “It’s not who you know” event champions this and highlights those employers who are working to close that gap.

Want to hear what your fave employer is doing to make sure they hire on potential, not privilege?..

Black Heritage in Business Virtual Event

“Even though black people make up more than 3% of the population (GOV.UK, 2020), just 1.5% of top bosses at UK companies are black (Business in the Community, 2020)”.

Find out what employers like PwC, BDO and J.P. Morgan are doing to tackle the Diversity crisis, push Inclusivity to the top of their agenda and ensure that their employees are being treated equally.

No more messing around. Watch the employer sessions now…

Inspirational Women in STEM Virtual Event

Want to know what STEM careers are like in a post-pandemic world?

Find out what a typical day can be like as a female graduate within the STEM industry, and hear some helpful application tips and tricks from the mouths of the Best Employers themselves.

Too busy watching Tiger King 2? Don’t worry, you can catch up here…

7 events. Plenty of tips, tricks and advice. All from your favourite employers.

What’s better than that?

All the sessions from every event are FREE and available to watch RIGHT NOW. Get involved below.