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House parties might be on hold. But your career doesn't have to be.

This year, RateMyPlacement teamed up with Top Employers across a range of industries to deliver eight jam-packed VIRTUAL career events, available to ALL students.

Missed the live events?

You can watch all the video sessions delivered by employers for FREE. 

The sessions include expert career advice, exclusive insights into employers and top-notch application tips. If you're eager to discover what went down at each specific event then you can. Skip to your preferred industry below and keep on reading.

Legal Virtual Event

Want to know how to BREAK into the Legal and Law sector (without actually breaking the law)?

This event is jam-packed with video sessions delivered by top legal firms to help you craft the perfect application, develop the in-demand skills relevant to a career in law, and succeed in a legal firm.

Missed out on the day? Feel free to watch these presentations at your own leisure...

Accountancy Virtual Event

Accounting has stereotypically been considered a boring and tedious sector.

But that's a load of rubbish. 

Not only is accounting lucratively paid, but it's constantly evolving. Accountants have tossed aside their abacuses, and now use exciting technology like AI and Cloud Computing to solve real business problems. 

This event is brimming with video sessions delivered by top accountancy firms to help you get familiar with their recruitment processes, their work culture and what they are offering students.

Too busy baking banana bread? Don't worry, you can catch-up on all these sessions...

Top Employers Virtual Event

'What is a Top Employer?' you ask...

Top Employers are companies that have earned the title of being the best undergraduate employers in the UK, based on thousands of insightful student-written reviews submitted on RateMyPlacement.

These employers are what we called the 'top dogs' of the industry. They've gained a big fat stamp of approval from students who have already completed placements, internships or insights with them. 

This event is packed with video sessions delivered by these industry giants!

Banking & Finance Virtual Event

Competition for jobs in the banking & finance sectors is intense. A bit like a Zoom pub quiz. But instead of competing for the glory of being the winner, there's a REAL prize at stake.

Get to know some big names in the industry, how to perfect an industry-specific application and gain insights into the working culture of some global banking & finance firms.

Want to hear firsthand from these employers themselves?

Bank yourself a placement, internship or insight scheme, with all this help... 

Well-Being at Work Virtual Event

Employers are increasingly working hard to foster diverse, inclusive and stress-free workplaces, with a central focus on employee wellbeing. 

Find out what employers like Unilever, Bloomberg and J.P. Morgan are doing to tackle the diversity crisis, push mental health to the top of their agenda and ensure that their employees' well-being is well looked after. After all, a health workplace requires healthy employees.

Want to hear what your fave employer is doing to enhance the well-being of their employees?...

Business Virtual Event

The business industry covers a LOT.  Long gone are the days of sitting in a chair, glaring at a computer screen waiting and eagerly waiting for 5pm to arrive. Nowadays, the world of graduate work is fast-paced, dynamic and increasingly innovative. 

So you're bound to find something that's up your street.

Check out these top industry employers to discover what it's like working for a business GIANT and learn more about the types of opportunities out there for undergraduates like yourself.

Innovation & Technology (STEM) Virtual Event

Zoom calls. The test and trace app. A coronavirus vaccine. Employees in the STEM industry have made all these possible, working to provide valuable and life-saving solutions to the world's problems.

Pursuing a career in the STEM sector will allow you to push boundaries, make new discoveries, and be a pioneer in developing new technologies.

The video sessions from this event will help you identify some top employers in the industry, find out how they're making a difference and - most importantly - discover how you can join them! 

Essential Careers Virtual Event

This year we have seen the unsung heroes of the NHS, retail staff and other frontline service staff, rallying around to keep the country running. And we salute them. If they have inspired you, like they have inspired us, then this your chance to meet employers that work in these areas.

If you're looking for a career that REALLY makes a difference, then a job in the 'essential careers' industry might be just what you're looking for.

Feeling inspired? Check out the videos here...

8 events. 50+ employer sessions. 30+ hours of advice, tips and insights.

And the best bit?

It's all free and you can watch sessions (from all events) RIGHT NOW.