The Best Tech Companies To Work For

Considering a career in IT and tech? Shrewd move. It's the fastest growing sector in terms of graduate opportunities. And not only that, there's such an array of different pathways within tech, whether it be in cyber security, web development, fintech - the list is endless. 

But who to work for? The best way of finding the right company and the right job is to get some first-hand experience through an internship or placement. Think of it like test-driving a particular organisation or a role while your still at university. 

Here's a hitchhiker's guide to the best IT and tech companies that offer undergraduate work experience, with a spotlight on the winner of RateMyPlacement's Top 50 Medium-sized schemes, Computacenter

The best tech companies for work experience 2019/2020

Getting work experience while you're at university is so, so important. The competition for graduates jobs is fierce. It's like Robot Wars out there. The Institute of Student of Employers have reported there was an average of 36 applications for graduates roles in the tech sector. 

That means you need an edge over the 35 other candidates applying for the job you're after. A work placement or summer internship is that edge. 

Below are two tables that show the tech companies that were included in the Top Undergraduate Employers 2019-2020. The Top Employers is based on reviews, all written by students who completed work experience last year. 

These are the best tech companies that offer work experience opportunities to students in the UK. 

Top 100 Employers


Position in Top 100

Microsoft Logo


SAP Logo







Top 50 Medium-sized Employers

The Top 50 is for employers that take on between 3-20 students on placements, internships and insights schemes each year. 


Position in Top 50

computacenter logo









(and between positions 26-50)

CA Technologies  #27

YouView  #34

Autodesk  #35

Atos  #36

ASM Assembly Systems  #38

Travelport  #39

Tech Data  #41

Cognito iQ  #48

PCMS Group  #49

SPOTLIGHT: Computacenter

Computacenter's tagline is 'enabling users in a digital world'. It's a pretty good description of what they do. They help organisations by equipping them with the tools and technology they need to be successful. 

Their customers are helped in four key areas: 

  • Advice on IT strategy 
  • Implementing the most appropriate technology
  • Optimising performance
  • Managing infrastructure

Computacenter operate globally, across Europe, South Africa, Asia and the Americas. They have a rather lovely way of describing how they operate on this scale, 'We combine global reach with local expertise'. 

Read Computacenter's company profile for the full story. 

computacenter logo

If you're considering a career in the tech sector, read our guide to finding IT internships and placements. Getting work experience will really help kick-start your career, so go check it out. 

CASE STUDY: Jake Westcott, Cyber Security Placement Student

7 months have passed, and I’ve began to reflect on the time I have invested at Computacenter, and the time they have invested in me. 

My journey began back in July; I was introduced to a world that was largely different from my life at university. The first week was a whirlwind of information, acronyms and business jargon - I could barely keep up! 

But I wasn’t alone. 18 other placement students were in the same boat as me. I networked and developed some amazing relationships that week. I was taken back by how friendly everyone was. At the end of the induction week we were shipped of to our respective teams and met our colleagues for the next year. 

So, eager and ready to learn, I began to settle down into the lively and dynamic environment within my team. I was joined by Kim, another placement student. We would be rotating around the teams, learning, absorbing and acquiring all the skills and knowledge. Skills I wouldn’t have picked up if I hadn't done a placement. 

My first rotation was in the Customer Information Security Management team. As you may have guessed, this is a customer facing team. Richard Chapman and Annabelle Meek took me under their wings, and gave me incredible opportunities to gain a better understanding of information security. I travelled to customers offices, met with real clients and interacted with company directors; my networking skills have massively improved. 

On my next rotation, I joined the Corporate Quality team. Unfortunately, most of the team was on leave due to broken legs - perhaps they knew I was coming. Jokes aside, the time I spent with the team was valuable. I got fantastic insight into how audits were performed and how the ISO Standards were maintained and managed. 

My third rotation took me to the Group Information Security Management team. So far, I have been practicing using a range of tools and been supporting the team on various projects. I also visited Germany to see our Kerpen office.

For my final rotation, I will be working in the Cyber Defence Centre. Coming from a technical background (I study computer science), this is the rotation I’ve been most excited about. I will spend a total of three months with that team, and when that’s over, my placement year will be nearly finished. 

The last 7 months has whizzed by. So far I have really enjoyed my time here at Computacenter, and I’ve been so lucky to have had this opportunity to meet and learn from so many people. I am now ITIL trained, PRINCE2 qualified and certified in Security Management Principles. 

If a cyber security sounds like your cup of green tea, then getting some work experience could be the first step towards a career as a cyber security guard. Read our expansive overview Cyber Security Internships & Placements: A Closer Look for more clues. 

Why work for a company like Computacenter?

There are a number of key benefits for students that work for companies who, like Computacenter, hire smaller groups of interns and placement students. 

Less applicants

Students who are looking for technology placements and internships tend to flock to be big names. It's why Google and Facebook get so many applications, and why it's so hard to secure work experience with companies like this. 

Computacenter is a billion-dollar company, but you might not have heard of them before you read this article. You have a much better chance of securing a fantastic work experience with a company like Computacenter than a tech organisation that all of your peers and all of their pals are apply for.

Do not be fooled into thinking it's only the big names in tech that offer the best work experience. Think of it this way... if you wanted a really nice burger, something of real quality, would you go to McDonalds? No. They're a big name, but there's so many other options out there. It's the same with work experience. 

More responsibility

Companies that run medium-sized schemes hire anywhere between 3 and 20 students each year. Working for a company that has a relatively low number of undergraduates means that you'll have more responsibility. 

Working in smaller team also has it's benefits. You'll get to know senior members of staff better, and will have the chance to learn from them much more closely. Just read Jake Westcott's case study above, and all the shenanigans he managed to fit into one year!  

Make more of an impact

Working for a company that has a smaller population of placement students will give you more of an opportunity to make an impact.

Placement and internship schemes that are on the smaller side tend not to exist within a corporate structure. Students have more opportunities to get involved with exciting projects and work around different areas of the business.