7 Reasons to go into Accounting and Finance

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You want to gain a broad commercial understanding

If you’re at the dawn of your career, you’ll know you have a lot to learn before you reach the peak of your powers.

Commercial awareness is important in many lines of work, but few more so than accountancy & finance jobs.

To develop your business mind and equip yourself for a high-flying career, working as a chartered accountant will teach you about all aspects of business and bookkeeping.

Earn a boatload in accounting and finance

Accountants have skills all businesses need, so it stands to reason that they’re constantly in demand – giving you the chance to earn a pretty penny.

Your time and knowhow is valuable and because the guidance you provide to companies helps them grow, survive or save untold amounts, it’s no surprise they’re willing to pay out the big bucks.

According to High Fliers: The Graduate Market in 2021, the average graduate starting salaries are: 

  • Accounting and professional services: £30,600

  • Banking and finance: £32,500

  • Investment banking: £50,000

You love a good spreadsheet

If the idea of opening an Excel document and formatting spreadsheets brings you out in a cold sweat, maybe an accountancy job isn’t for you.

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Of course these are skills that can be learned with time and practice, so don’t write off a career in accounting just yet.

Conversely if you’re a whizz with spreadsheets and like nothing more than making macros, your talents would be put to good use as a chartered accountant.

You dream in numbers

You don’t need to be doing a degree in accountancy or finance to make it in this sector, but as accountancy jobs involve statistics and data it helps if you’re numerate and enjoy working with numbers.

Any way you can show off your love for digits will stand you in good stead – whether that’s with a maths A-level, other relevant placements and internships or work you’ve done as part of a society.

You’re a master of organisation

Your clothes are colour coordinated, your phone apps are all in folders and your mates look to you to arrange nights out. Yep, you’re organised all right.

If you can bring that level of order, logic and control to your accountancy work experience you’ll show that you’re a steady hand that can be relied upon and deal with pressure.

You love networking with business bods

All self-respecting companies need help from accountants to keep themselves solvent. Exposure at a professional services company will see you work with clients big and small, helping you grow your network of contacts every day.

There will always be a job for you in accounting

Businesses come and go, with ever-changing needs. They will always need advice from accounting and finance superstars.

In other words there will always be a job for you in this sector, especially if you do your best to stay in the loop and up to date with developments.