50 New Year’s Resolutions For You

Don't need a resolution? Fancy some work experience instead?

Full to the brim after chomping your way through multiple tins of Quality Street? Jaded after binge-watching Home Alone for the fifth time this week? Can't face spending another day with your slightly bonkers Aunt Maggie?

Move over Christmas, it's time to kick off the new year with a BANG. And we don't mean a firework display.

Here at RateMyPlacement, we know that all students really want is a complete list of New Year's resolutions. 50 of them to be exact...

10 resolutions for a productive year...

Help others be... Productive? Healthy? Wholesome? Random? Memorable?

10 Resolutions for a healthy year...

  • Buy a whole cabbage and eat it in one sitting.
  • Do some lunges whilst waiting for your lecture to begin.
  • Buy a gym membership (and try to go more than once).
  • Ditch the chocolate. Have a carrot instead.
  • Drink water. This is just basic survival advice.
  • Go for a morning jog (30 minute at least or it doesn't count).
  • Remove any toxicity from your life (except if it's Britney related).
  • Bake cupcakes. Give them to other people.
  • Run a marathon. Or one-tenth of a marathon.
  • Try an exotic fruit every week (apples do NOT count).

 10 Resolutions for a wholesome year...

  • Volunteer at your local charity shop.
  • Befriend an elderly person. Your grandparents don't count.
  • Cuddle a doggo (and then give them a treat).
  • Leave a nice note inside your library book for the next reader.
  • Bake and build a gingerbread house.
  • Cook a five course meal.
  • Make your bed five out of seven days a week.
  • Help out at your local conservation centre #SaveTheBees.
  • Play monopoly, without tipping the board.
  • Give a compliment to a friend each day. Even if you have to lie.

 10 resolutions for a random year...

  • Write a weekly turnip related haiku.
  • Visit a fortune teller and give them a fortune reading.
  • Dig a hole in the garden. Then fill it back up.
  • Have a midnight snack every day of the year.
  • Get a piercing (or a tattoo). Or both.
  • Go to a concert for an artist whose music you've never heard.
  • Plan three DIY projects to complete.
  • Start and finish a 1000-piece puzzle.
  • Have a movie marathon. Rom-coms get bonus points.
  • Have an indoor picnic (yes, that's just a meal on the floor).

 10 resolutions for a memorable year...

  • Print off a map. Close your eyes. Point at it. Go visit where you land.
  • Learn a new language. In 6 months.
  • Attempt to break a world record.
  • Go on holiday with nothing but a single backpack.
  • Dance the night away under the stars.
  • Land your dream work experience.
  • Build IKEA furniture, without the instructions!
  • Dye your hair. Preferably navy blue or pink.
  • Party non-stop for a whole 24 hours.
  • Audition for something: a play, open mic night, X Factor...

That's 50 new year resolutions to keep you entertained (and very busy) for the next twelve months.

You might want to give the cabbage eating a miss, but don't miss out on landing some work experience. It might seem tricky to obtain at first, but like climbing up a downward escalator, you'll gain a great sense of achievement once you've done it.